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Before you take into account shopping for US Import bond s, it can be crucial that you understand how they work. When further, non-routine activities are required for entry of merchandise, chosen services may be performed by UPS on the request of the importer.Services provided embody (but are not restricted to) manipulations, labeling, stock, auditing, customized reports, spreadsheets, key entry, normal order processing, etc. Please contact a Brokerage specialist if there’s a need for extra clearance services.

By possessing an U.S. Customs Activity Code 1 Single Transaction Importer Bond, you’re telling your Obligee that you may be trusted as a Principal and that you stand behind your business choices.

US Customs Bond, An In Depth Look

CustomsNow presents U.S. Customs bonds to importers. The primary function of a customs bond is to guarantee the cost of import duties and taxes to U.S. Customs and Border Safety (CBP), in addition to to assure compliance with all laws and laws governing the entry of merchandise from international transport factors into the United States.

Single-entry bonds are issued for a single cargo. Thus, the single-entry bond solely covers the entry or transaction for which it was written.

Getting a customs bond starts by recognizing the two broad categories of bonds that may be required: a single transaction bond or a continuous bond. Here is when each may be required.


CustomsNow offers U.S. Customs bonds to importers. Detention prices, if any, will likely be assessed against the party accountable for the line haul charges. For the purpose of making use of storage guidelines and costs in connection with shipments transferring beneath US Customers Bond, notification to the Deputy Collector of Customs that a cargo is on the market for customs inspection will constitute tender of shipment for delivery.

All freight forwarders, NVOCC’s and their brokers are required by the FMC to obtain an OTI Bond to legally handle cargo to or from the United States.

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Anybody wishing to import items into the United States or engage in import related operations is required to put up a surety bond or cash equal to that bond quantity with U.S. Customs. Avalon’s Surety Bond program retains your business compliant with the multitude of presidency necessities for various transportation-associated bonds.

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